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>Smut Fiction Hump Day


It’s quite brilliant. You get to create your very own theme page, upload photos, talk freely… Basically, you get to have your own blog without the work of creating your own blog. make sense??

No surprise, I have no clue what is Roblated today. My eyes have been fixated on the following fan/fic

It’s time…

No seceret that twicracked is this blog’s stalker. I don’t know that I’ve ever conversed with another fan/fiction fanatic in even close to the same realm as this woman.

She sends me links daily…DAILY of fan/fics I must absolutely promise with my life to read and comment on.
Honestly, I could read everyday, all day, for the rest of my life and the surface would barely be scratched.

I’m certain Twi would be a terrific addition to this blog as our Smut Fiction Hump Day author when Elle is unavailable (reading fan/fic RobP0rn) She claims a RL job; I’m beginning to wonder…

I thank you, Twicracked, for introducing me to the latest by bella c’ella luna. Truly amazing.. She is also the author of one of the BEST fics I’ve ever read.. Anticipation.

This was just updated today. It’s not complete (I rarely read in-completes) It’s just THAT good.. So, So worth it!!

I have no idea how to manip like this
ALL of the credit goes to LOLYPOP82
I just placed the title and author

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 16 – Words: 73,771 – Reviews: 2646 – Updated: 3-21-11 – Published: 4-1-10 – Bella

Bella has liked Edward for years, but he’s never even looked her way. Just when she gives up and begins to fall for one of his best friends, things change. AH, lots of angst, lemons.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 Mt. Rainier

The trail wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t terribly hard, either. Bella was sure that Emmett had slowed down so she could keep up with him, and she silently thanked god for that. They passed the hours laughing and joking, and Bella found herself marveling over how comfortable she felt with Emmett. They had come so far in such a short period of time.
“This is it,” he said excitedly, reaching back to grab her hand. Bella stumbled but he caught her arm, keeping her upright.
The thick forest suddenly opened up, revealing a large body of water. A lake, or possibly a reservoir. The clear, blue sky reflected in the glassy surface. It was a breathtaking view.
“Isn’t it great?” Emmett asked. “Come on.”
He squeezed her hand and led her through the remaining brush. From what she could see, there were only a few patches of space around the lake to set up camp. The trees grew very close to the water’s edge.
Emmett unzipped his pack and pulled out a bundle of cloth. It was a thin blanket. He unrolled it and laid it on the soft grass. They sat down to talk and relax, giggling and playing. The isolated, scenic location was a wonderful break from reality.
Lunch consisted of a smorgasbord of food – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, nuts, nectarines, crackers and cheese. Bella wasn’t very hungry after the massive breakfast, but Emmett insisted that “she needed to keep her energy up,” so she picked at the food.
After they ate, Bella stretched out on the blanket and soaked up the sun. Its warmth felt fabulous on her skin, and for a moment she longed for the beach. Emmett stuffed their garbage back into his backpack and tossed it to the side, lying down next to her.
Bella stared at the blue sky, instead of looking at him, because he was angling for a kiss. She could feel it. And it wasn’t that she didn’t want to kiss him; because she definitely did, but once they started they couldn’t stop.
With Emmett it was all or nothing. One touch from him set her on fire, and his kisses absolutely consumed her. She lost her virginity to Jake when she was eighteen, and the lackluster experience hadn’t prepared her for the intense physical connection she shared with Emmett. Nothing compared to it.
She jumped when his big hand splayed across her stomach. Bella felt her heart stutter at the same time her breath caught in her throat. Here? Now?
His thumb rubbed back and forth, dipping under the waistband of her stretchy yoga pants. She swallowed hard. The endless blue sky disappeared as her eyes closed, just as Emmett’s lips skimmed her neck.
“Emmett,” she breathed. “We can’t…”
His mouth opened on her collarbone and he sucked gently. Bella shifted, rubbing her thighs against each other. His hand dipped lower to provide her the friction she was craving. Her insides liquefied and heat surged through her body.
“Emmett, anyone could see us,” she persisted. “We can’t – oh, God…”
He tugged the front of her cami down, exposing her breasts, and watched her nipples immediately harden in the cool air. A hard tug of lust rolled through him.
“We can,” he said silkily. “We can do whatever you want. No one’s here except for us.”
He leaned over her, making sure his hips were pressed firmly against her side so she could feel what she did to him. Emmett flicked his tongue over her sensitive peaks before taking her fully into his mouth. Bella squirmed underneath him, her breathing loud and uneven.
“Emmett,” she moaned. One hand came up to tangle in his hair, tugging softly. It made him harder. He shoved his hand into her pants, under her panties, into slick, wet heat. He lost track of time, of their environment, of everything – it was always like this with Bella. She filled him up until nothing else existed.
A sudden crunching noise distracted him, tearing him away from Bella’s soft moans. He yanked his hand out of her pants and glanced over his shoulder, careful not to move and expose her.
A man stood at the edge of the clearing, about one hundred feet from them. He had blonde hair, wore a leather jacket and jeans, and had a backpack over his shoulder. The man stared at him, and Emmett felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
Emmett looked back at Bella, who was now staring at him with wide, panicked eyes.
“Fix your top,” he murmured.
She didn’t waste any time. She felt the way Emmett’s body had stiffened and had no doubt that someone else was with them. She adjusted her chest and when she was decent, Emmett sat up. She followed suit, feeling embarrassed and exposed.
“Hello,” the stranger called.
“Hey man,” Emmett replied, nodding his head.
Emmett’s rigid posture and wary voice made her feel uneasy. Bella hugged herself as the backpacker approached. Emmett glanced at her, his eyes dark and worried, and then stood up.
“Gorgeous day, isn’t it?” he asked, closing the distance between them. He held out his hand and Emmett shook it. “James.”
“Emmett,” he replied. “This is Bella.”
“Bella,” James grinned. “Great to meet you.”
There was something vaguely familiar about James. Bella studied his face as she shook his hand. He held it a beat too long and she afraid that Emmett would lunge and attack.
James was good looking, there was no doubt about that. His face was perfectly chiseled, as was his stomach…but come on, who wore a leather jacket with no shirt on underneath? He wore his hair long and in a pony tail. She just got a skeevy vibe from him, and it detracted greatly from his attractiveness.
“You two from around here?” James asked, dropping his backpack a few feet from their blanket.
“No. Just here on a day trip,” Emmett said shortly.
“Really? Me too. Drove down from Seattle,” he remarked casually.
It was a remarkable coincidence that he was also from Seattle, and had chosen today for his hike, and found them at Emmett’s favorite spot. Bella looked at Emmett quickly but he didn’t respond.
“Yeah, well, we were actually about to start packing up,” Emmett shrugged. “We have a long drive back. Feel free to set up camp here. It’s a great spot.”
“Thanks. Will do,” he smiled. His eyes flickered over to Bella and she forced a smile.
Emmett cut the exchange short and practically hauled Bella to her feet. He made quick work of their site, packing it up neatly and stowing it into his bag. “Have a good one, man.”
“You too,” James nodded.
Emmett held her hand tightly as he led her out of the small clearing. She glanced back once and was nearly blinded by the sun’s reflection on the lake, but she was able to make out James. He stood by their abandoned campsite, staring right back at her. He hadn’t moved an inch and his gaze was intense. She shivered and moved closer to Emmett.
Once they were out of sight and earshot, Emmett looked over his shoulder. He caught Bella’s eye, and she was clearly nervous. “He was creepy, wasn’t he?”
“Yeah,” she agreed, glad he felt the same way.
Emmett gave her hand a squeeze. “Don’t be scared. I could kick the shit out of that guy if I had to. And I would, if I thought he would hurt you.”
Bella rolled her eyes. “That’s so sweet, Em.”
Despite his jokes, she could tell that he was still on guard, and he didn’t relax until they hit the car. His eyes roamed the area around them, constantly searching. It wasn’t until they reached the highway that his shoulders finally slouched and he gave a tired sigh.
“Guess we’ll be home early after all,” he muttered. “Alice is making tacos. You want to stop by, or are you tired?”
Bella shrugged. She was tired but not completely defeated, as she had expected.”It’s up to you.”
“I’m sorry today was such a bust,” Emmett frowned.


Mizz Pattinsane


>NeverThink-Say It…


Damn! So much of the precious this past week it was utterly Robgasmic!!

If you haven’t seen the MTV radio interview OR Jay Leno.. Where the fuck have you been??

No dissection of them as all Rob-sites have been saturated with both and I’m getting bored with it..

Quickly,  I want to touch on a few of my favorite Rob moments and move on..

MTV interview

Kneel, Open Your Mouth, Smile and Pray.

  Umm. Oh fucking Kay!! 

The way he says the word Fart. It sounds like Fawt

When he refers to the elephant (or anyone for that matter) as “she’s called” Tai. Fucking Brits are so fuck-hawt. “He’s called” or “she’s called”  We, Americans,  say it so lame in comparison.

Jay Leno’s interview was ehhh.. but I loved that he mentioned his dad and how his new nickname was Big Poppy as he signed autographs following is infamous text to Rob during the previous interview.

He said fart during the Jay interview too..

Enough of that!

Rob on Twitter is officially fucking fired!!

It was fun for the 3 blogs that it lasted; however, I’m too engrossed with TCS p33n and Mizz Pattinsane just riddles my fucking cell with cry baby bullshit as to why she hasn’t slept all night; trying  to think of something clever to say. (Another common word, I’m learning via our resident Brit aka MizzP is “clever”
I’m simply not going to have my partner in Rob-crime stress about this; therefore, Done!!

Here’s a little something to help ease the shock.. Because I know you all are fucking sick over it

Christ! One person should not hold this much fucking beauty

The Good Stuff:
I was driving home yesterday in traffic.. Yes, I fucking live for it. While I’m literally threatening every supid ass driver with a baseball bat,  I received an email from a kick ass Rob-site creator, including a link to youtube, explaining what they are all about, and how she felt we would fit right in as an affiliate.

My initial thought was that she had read a MizzP post and felt that the Twi-etiquette was worthy of uncrass and intelligible language like FUCK!

I clicked on the link and waited for my phone to do it’s streaming bullshit and began watching this video

Umm, are you fucking kidding me?? NT is my fucking dream Robsite. I felt like I was being called home. Of course, I immeditaely responded with everything except a fucking blow job, promising to spend time getting to know NT.

This is exactly what I did for hours last night. The ulitmate non-judgmental place in all of  fandom. Srsly, peeps if I had known this place exsisted, which btw I feel like a complete asshole for not; as I’m constantly deeming myself a fucking expert on all blogs Roblated) I don’t know that I would have actually started Fragile Little Human EVA!

 The good, as a result of my gross oversight, is my blog h00r, Mizz Pattinsane, our Facehookers, Twitter angelz, and blog peeps. Obviously, this will keep us posting here like the Robsessed bitches we are. HOWEVER, I cannot explain the excitement I have for affiltaing with NT and jumping in with both feet on my Robpinions!!

Go there, join, follow, comment.. It defines freaktastsic awesome-nous

Rob’s doing backwards somersaults over it.
There button has been added under the appropriate adult Rob-sites!!
Hell Yeah!!


>Rob Meets Playgirl

>Hi peeps, tweeps facehookers!!

Super fast post as it’s past 1am here and I need sleep.. My photos scanned B-A-D on FB so I’m posting them here.. Click on picture to read..

Click on picture to read..
Click on picture to read..
Click on picture to read..
Click on picture to read..
Love, MizzPattinsane

>Mobbed On Monday


Dear Monday, you suck donkey dick

The End

In the news: Fucking Nothing Roblated

In Robland:

Those of you that know my blog style, know that I’m a Google images h0r. There is simply nothing better than making a statement and following it up with an appropriate image.

Doing nothing unusual on a shitty Monday morning, as I was leaving the parking lot after dropping my kids off at school; I noticed a handful of tweens walking in a group in the opposite direction of the building that provides education. 
Unrelated to my point,  all of these tween girls look identical to one another. Same tiny boy bodies, same jeans, same flat ironed hair, same converse, they’re fucking clones. I admit, for a brief moment, I had a small impulse to pull my car over and ask where they were going, and quickly recalled my tween school  ditching days on a regular basis so I left it alone. 
Twenty feet away in  an open football field,  there was a boy tween running full speed towards the group of girl tweens. Once he reaches them he jumps onto one of the girl tween’s back and bear hugs her from behind. How the fuck he could tell them apart from one another was beyond me;  like I said,  quintuplets. The girl tween looked annoyed. She crouched her self toward the ground in a sort of standing up fetal position until the tween boy let go and began walking along side of them AWAY from said building.
During my 20 minute drive home, I began thinking of Rob and his fan encounters. What is going through his mind; through the fan’s mind. (For the purpose of making this as short as is possible for me, I will refer to the fucking hookers that swarm Rob as “fans”)
Actually, Rob’s thoughts are written all over his face; therefore, I’m really wondering what the fuck these fans are thinking. 
Google images never disappoints.
A typical Rob appearance reaction
Then shit like this happens…
So many things are wrong with this picture
First thing, is the person who took it. You couldn’t wait fucking 2 seconds later, AFTER the swarm was broken away?
Next would obviously be the poodle permed, 6 inches of grow out wearing daisy dukes (that belonged on the tween girls mentioned earlier) grabbing Rob’s neck. It looks as if the death grip is so intense it’s taking three grown men to pry her away. 
Does she think the precious is going to turn and stick his tongue down her throat? Christ woman, I would be mortified to have this image floating around the web.
Quickly, I’ll touch on the hot pink shirt woman who is uhhh walking in the wrong fucking direction. Nothing better than a picture of your ass with Robert Pattinson. 
this is one of my favorite images of Rob next to the screamers. There is a picspam floating around in the fandom that truly says it all.
 “I could cash my check today. Or I could just kill myself” 
Another gem I would NOT be proud of.
Ahh yes, The granny panty fan. I can only assume that the red piece of clothing above the skinny jeans are a pair of red bloomers. That’s what they’re called right? BLOOMERS!
And Rob, being the gentleman he is, puts his arm around the waist to hold her 6 inch wearing stiletto ass from falling any closer. 
Your face isn’t even showing. I would so call bullshit if I knew you and you claimed to take credit for being this person (not that you should with those bloomers) 
I have nothing bad to say about this picture. I had to throw it in because if I ever had a chance to have my picture taken with Rob, with the exception of a naked one, this is EXACTLY how I would want his face to look. 
It’s “I’m coming to get you” fuck hawt!!
Really? this blowfish is going to make this kind of a face? And Rob… This is why digital cameras exist. You get to erase and start over. The picture taker is ether a complete jealous asshole, or thought this was truly fan encounter worthy.
You look fucking ridiculous with your lips protruding from your face. 
This looks like you two are a match made in heaven

I don’t understand. PLEASE help me understand why in the fuck these dumb bitches are attacking a wax Rob. And it’s a bad wax Rob. If this is the reaction he’s going to get, in the interest of protecting him from psychotic fans, they should just place a wax figurine on the red carpet from now on.
Stick to making out with your RPattz poster in your bedroom
This is actually after the 6 inch grow out attack (see above)
I can’t ignore the very small person taking a picture of his or herself. I hate to disappoint but there isn’t even a smidgen of Rob in your picture. You  might have been lucky enough to capture that “Edward purse” your sporting though.

In the spirit of dreaming and my pretend highly dysfunctional Rob world, there really is only one acceptable image that I would be comfortable with, given the chance to have a snapshot with Rob. I mean shit, if you’re going to do it it might as well be done the way we all picture this piece of fucking perfection

Until that day happens, I’m thinking I’ll be requesting some of these manip gods that are out there in the fandom to pimp out a fuck hawt Robgasm photoshopped pic of my face there instead of that one chick.

>tGIFriday with Elle


Hello Friday..
That’s right, dance like nobody’s watching..it’s Fuckin Friday!
Roblated News:

Robert Pattinson To Talk ‘Water For Elephants’ 

On ‘MTV First’ Live Stream!

RPattz will debut an exclusive movie clip and answer fan questions during Q&A streaming live on March 18 at 8:56 p.m. ET on MTV.com

If this starts at 9:01 p.m. I’m gonna pissed off!!  If MTV is going to post something that precise it better happen at 8:56. Pffftt!! 

If you need more details ,like when Rob is going to sneeze (9:22 p.m.) 

In Robstruck land: 

Now that we’re ALL on the same page from yesterday’s course by professor Pattinsane, I, for one, am fucking feeling better.

Rob is relieved too…
Annnnddd… It’s tGIFriday

I’m going to grace these gifs with my own sleezy and 
most likely inappropriate captions

Rob’s made up fucking quotes by me

Rob’s reaction when asked if he was dating Kristen

Rob when asked what he would do 
after “Twilight” was over
The question  Edward should have asked Bella
Rob when asked about his future with me
Rob’s response when Taylor asked 
why he never called him
Rob’s response when asked 
what he thought of Mizz Pattinsane
Rob, when asked if he thought Taylor 
just wanted to be friends with KStew
Rob’s response when Taylor asked 
what KStew said about him
Rob’s response when asked to tell us 
one thing about his cock

>Blogger 101 and a Pattinsane Poll

>Thanks to Elle for pimpin out  Picture Windows yesterday..

Minutes after the blog posted,  I answered emails for over an hour pointing our Facebookers in the right fan/fic direction. 
I  was mystified as to why there were so many questions about a simple click to a link.

And several hours later, yes I’m that slow, I realized that there are many facebookers that don’t blog or wander far from the social network.
If that happened, I wouldn’t venture either..

And I get it.. I remember when I was a blog virgin. I was a master at copying and pasting a youtube link on FB. But blogger?? What the hell is that? 
Twitter? Still figuring that out, but luckily I’m the last one on the planet, so I stand alone. Following @fragyle_human on twitter is following Elle.. I visit but never rarely tweet. 

I love our Facebook page & all of our likers, so I’m going to share a somewhat brief  course in:

Following all over the place you see this blogs URL is fine but not necc. Bookmark & save to your favorites the blog itself, Facebook, Twitter and even Tumblr will all conveniently lead you right here when we post.

All of the affiliates and avatars on the right are buttons (links) to their respected sites. They’re our favoritest Rob and Twi sites…

Like this one that Elle cannot live without. TCS is pimped out ALL the time. It’s a fan/fiction and Robp0rn h00r’s dream a.k.a Elle

All of them are awesome!!  

Obviously, if you’re here you’ve accepted the adult content disclosure before entering. Just in case you completely ignored it, take note of the family friendly vs. adult sites. (determined only by their content discloser) Robstruck is a highly  opinionated  sometimes vulgar place. Elle has the mouth of a truck driver, if you’re easily offended this is not the place for you.

Links to pages within the blog subject that take you outside of this site are highlighted in blue. For example Picture Windows yesterday..

Comments are always welcome. One of the many things I love about Fragile Little Human is that there is zero judgemnt. Myself and Elle couldn’t be more opposite and a lot of the time we don’t agree. We just call each other hookers and move on. Say what you feel, whatever you want..it’s just a blog. 
*the one and only exception is hating Rob, don’t do it.
Everything and everyone else is fair game.

Questions/comments  that you would rather ask/share privately? 
I’ve just posted my email and Elle’s email on the left. Until now, I realized they were only listed on Facebook
We read our email. If you ask a question it’s going to get answered the same day at some point depending on what time of day it is where you are.
I live in the UK
Elle in Seattle Wa. I know, the tramp!! 
We’re literally operating on different days most of the time. Which means one of us is always doing something Roblated online.

Copyright. We have a Tumblr for a reason. This is to acknowledge from mountain tops all of the talent that clearly is nowhere close to what we’re capable of. If there is a picture edited without a plug of recognition call us out. We have nothing but respect for the Rob artists. Never infringement intended. If there’s no source we have no idea where it came from.

Finally, getting a blog to stay alive feeds soley off of the readers that share the same passion. Worshiping “The Precious”..

However, It’s not a quick post and click of a button to write about him everyday. Or anything for that matter, like this post that is un-roblated… so far

It’s very much a lifestyle. If you visit daily and have a Rob suggestion bring it.. If you want to guest blog..bring it
If it’s not robrelated.. keep it.

One last thing, I promise: 
If you’re a Robsessed Twihard with your own blog, send us your site button. It only works if we keep each other going. The Rob & Twi fandom is unlike any other when it comnes to devotion.

I hope that makes it so much easier and less gun shy for our virgin blogger h0rs to visit and perv and Robsess

Okay I’m done….

Now in Rob land… finally

It’s really time for a Pattinsane poll..

Feel free to answer on FB or here.. yes I’m overkill.. get over it
Three words that describe your Robdiction…

How long it took for you to discover Rob as Edward Cullen..in other words when did you see Twilight?

Did you see any of the movies before you read the books?

Have you seen the movie and not read the books or vice versa?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being I just heard of him and think he’s hot and 10 being bat shit crazy cyber stalking insane)

How intense is your Rob Pattinsanity? 

Where do you picture Rob 10 years from now?

On a serious level, could you see yourself sacrificing whatever family or single life you have now to be with Rob if he asked you?

Last question:
In your Real Life, how many of your friends and/or family members know the extent of your Pattinsanity? 

My answers
Three words that describe your Robdiction…   


Did you see any of the movies before you read the books? 
New Moon.. but I only had a few pages left

How long it took for you to discover Rob as Edward Cullen..in other words when did you see Twilight?

I was a the Premiere opening night

Have you seen the movie and not read the books or vice versa?

Hell to the no!!

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being I just heard of him and think he’s hot and 10 being bat shit crazy cyber stalking insane)
How intense is your Rob Pattinsanity? 

I’m an 11 , fell off the charts long ago

Where do you picture Rob 10 years from now?

Hmmm.. He’ll be close to 35, I see him married without children.. and unfortunately not to KStew 

On a serious level, could you see yourself sacrificing whatever family or single life you have now to be with Rob if he asked you?

Shit, I’ve definitely dreamed about it and would want to, so bad it makes me crazy thinking about it. In the end, my husband and children would win… I think

In your Real Life, how many of your friends and/or family members know the extent of your Pattinsanity? 

My husband, but not on the level that I’m truly insane about him. My children still think he’s Edward. My RL friends? Only a couple.. like one.

See you tomorrow for tGIFriday
Love, MizzPattinsane

>Smut Fiction Hump Day


Now there’s the fucking way to continue the middle of the week
In the news: 
In Robland:
Interesting  “anonymous Rob” Twitter following yesterday. I’m looking forward to where this is headed. I know it drives MizzP fucking ballistic to think of Twitter Tuesday bits. All of the reigns are loosened for you my dear. Have at it…
I’m going to venture outside of  my smutty comfort zone and allow the other h00rs into my fan/fic world full of Angst, Human, Vamp. LEMONS, Perv Smut, and mature “must-reads”

Depending on the length, I’ll either give a few one shots or a single recommendation. My intent is to update at least once a week… 
Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 28 – Words: 128,114 – Reviews: 3487 – Bella & Edward – Complete
synposis:  Bella has the picture perfect life on the horizon, a week before her wedding, tr

My fingers dig into the metal table I’m laying on, the screeching of my fingernails almost as loud as the moans coming out of my mouth. His suction is getting stronger and his tongue is pushing harder now.

One of his hands moves and is now gripping the inside of my left thigh. I feel the other pulling back the elastic and his hand slips inside. He pulls his mouth away and one finger runs from the top of my slit to my entrance.
He pushes his finger into me, not all the way, just the tip—enough to tease. He’s moving too slow and I try to push my hips forward, to push his finger deeper, but he grips my thigh tighter and holds me in place.
He laughs and presses his mouth to me again. “Patience, baby.”
I can hear him in my head, “The best things come to those who wait.” and I know he’s right but I want more. “More, please,” I whimper.
His finger slides in a little deeper, but still not deep enough. Again I’m trying to thrust my hips into his hand, into his mouth. More, more, more. I want to scream or cry or come and he’s torturing me.
His mouth is moving faster now and his tongue is firmer against me. His finger is still slow until I’m on the edge. I’m right there and he must know this. When my legs tense and I think I can’t take anymore, he pushes his finger deeper and it’s curled upwards, pressing against that spot inside me that his tongue is pressing against on the outside.
When they meet, I’m pretty sure sparks are flying because it’s all I can see. His finger continues to move until I can breathe again and when he pulls back, he’s smiling.
He runs his arm across his mouth and cleans himself, but he’s still smiling that smug grin that I want to kiss when he removes it. I smile too. “You still taste like heaven,” he says. “Now, where’s that camera?”
“What?” I sputter and sit up quickly. “I thought you were joking!”
He laughs and then grins at me. “Nope,” he says. “I just needed to prepare my subject first.”
I have no idea what he means so I quirk my head at him. But he’s moving to the other side of the room, opening the cabinet where he knows I store the cameras I use for test shoots. The easiest ones to use. He really is going to take my picture. As I think about it I begin to realize what he means. He wanted to make me come first, so he can take my picture and 
see my face after he’s ravished me.

Go ahead and lick the fucking screen.. We all do it
Fuck Me!!! 
I know, I KNOW  it’s Fuck Hawt!!